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I've been with you guys on and off for about 4 years?? I always find quality men here. Thanks for being here.
Your score has been impeccable since the day I found you. The rest of the sites are "scammer havens" which is apparent by all the (so-called) new profiles using the same terminology, sentences and entire written story! Keep up the good work.
damn, more than anything, i wish you (two !) could tag my ass ! i love the sites and 4 all the fighting (and now dad and son) and fucking connections they helped me achieve !
oh, thank you , men!!!! ANd congratulations for this fabulous site!!!! I would appreciate wrestling any of you ( or even both) ! Planning to visit Rio?? Call me!
As little security as really exists in the internet, every effort to provide a little protection against hackers is good and welcome!
Thank you Personals! Met someone wonderful through your site and am hopeful we'll be together always. Thanks again for a great site.
Thank you for the forewarning on the 'Beardings' character being a scam. I appreciate your intervention and advice, as it is very rare that moderators/support will put themselves so forward.
I've been on this site for many, many years. You guys have done a great job maintaining this site. As I've been "attached" for a few years now, I really shouldn't be browsing on, or advertising on this site. It's neither fair to my partner nor to those who may share an interest in me. Therefore, I'm deleting my profile; however, I may be back from time-to-time! It's been a pleasure....
I just wanted to say you guys do a great job. I have found websites like Meetfighters to have such inferior admin that it is great to use a site like yours. keep it up!
Thank you guys for keeping this site safe and for filtering out those with hidden agendas other than love and adventurous sex.
Thanks to you guys, I had a special evening unlike I have had in a long time... so THANK YOU!! I would come visit good ole USA but I am afraid of Trump....lol
I like the new rules to be honest. On this site and others there are way too many fakes and flakes out there. It is impossible to recognize all of them and eliminate them but keep trying guys!!
13-years, Where did it go? Time does fly scary fast when you get old but I sincerely appreciate you two running the absolutely cleanest site on the web! And I thank you for sharing celebrations with me and allowing premium access from time to time, something I just can't afford on SSI & with all my medical needs. Thank you
thank you very much, been a great 8 years with you. awesome site. 😊
HELLO, WEBMASTER! Thanks for watching out for fake correspondence. Recently I was contacted by a member, but you alerted me that he was from Russia (and not Florida) and that he would probably request money. I do appreciate your watchfulness for our safety. Maintain the good work!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for operating this site to the highest professional standard, seldom even approached by other dating sites and other non-dating sites. While my connections here with other people has been relatively limited, they have been generally of higher quality as well. The three of you should take pride in a site well-run and maintained. You certainly have instilled confidence in me. You have prevented much mis-use of the site.\tThank you for keeping us informed of your practices and policies.
Thanks guys. I really appreciate you watching my back. I hope this site NEVER goes away! You're the best! Thanks again! :-)

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