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Locating Members Near You
A few members have asked how geographic proximity works. This is the feature that allows you to specify a distance between you and other members in your search. We decided to use the geographic location of the city in which a member lives rather than use exact geographic coordinates, which very few people know for their own location. In a geographic search, we look up the latitude and longitude of two cities (yours and the member you are searching for) and calculate the distance between those cities. If this is to work, you must specify your locale correctly. For instance, "Tri-Cities, North Carolina" will never match to any city in the database. In this case, you should secify either Durham, Raleigh, or Chapel Hill to be found in "Tri-Cities, North Carolina."

Our geolocation database covers the United States and Canada fairly well. It also covers a large number of cities in other countries also. If your location cannot be found when you enter it during a profile edit, you will receive a notice. The notice will contain a link to report the missing city, which we will then manually look up and put in the database. City and country names should be specified in English, for those locales not in English-speaking countries. For instance, cities in Russia must be specified using their English names with a latin character set ("Saint Petersburg", not "Санкт-Петербург"). It would not be practical to store all the city names and country names in the world in every language in the world.

la ville de QuébecQuebec City
Distrito FederalMexico City

Each profile will display the languages spoken by the member, and there is a link on every profile to translate the text on the profile page into other languages (courtesy of Bing).

Many members (maybe even "most") are interested only in profiles of those who live close by, and we see many searches using only the geolocation feature. If you do not specify your locale correctly, or leave it blank, or never told us your city was missing from the database; you will never turn up in those searches, even if you lived next door to the member searching!

We know of no other personal ads sites that offer geographic proximity, and we believe that feature to be the most powerful of all search capabilities.

As always, we are interested in your comments and suggestions on this feature or any other.
Article expires: 2021-01-2912916

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