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Kink.PersonalMale Newsletter

New Chat
We are excited to announce an all-new chat for this site.

This chat has been years in the making. Up to now, we have used chat applications from other vendors, and they have worked OK. But, we could never get all features that our members asked for to work. And, there was the issue of poor support from the vendor, and some vendors went out of business with no notice. And, some chats were flaky and exhibited odd behavior, not to mention the annual licensing fee.

Our new chat was authored totally in-house and is closely integrated with Personals. It also uses the latest browser technologies, including secure and encrypted chat conversations. It is designed to be fast and light. Some of our personals sites are already running the new chat, because testing "in the wild" is the only way to discover all ways of avoiding poor Internet connections and performance issues.

Our new chat does include the basic functionality of most chat applications, except cam support. Cam support is intentionally omitted, because it is nearly impossible to get it working properly with all different desktop and mobile technologies. However, every private chat has a Skype link displayed for those members who have specified it in their profiles. Skype has excellent hardware support amongst device technologies and has many more resources to support its users. The link to Skype is posted as a convenience to members.

Chat is available to all registered members, with no limits. Online help and searches of chat messages and chatter's profiles are available in a pulldown menu on the public chat page. Clicking on the chat user's thumbnail in the chat page brings up their profile. Mouse-over the thumbnail to see the member's locale and age. Clicking on "priv" in the green button brings up a Private Chat with that member.

All major browsers, by default, block unsolicited popup windows. This will not prevent you from using chat, but it will prevent you from receiving a request for a Private Chat. We have added a test for your browser's ability to display unsolicited popup windows to the login page, with links to illustrated help to remedy the issue. If you do not wish to Private Chat with a member when invited, click on the red X to close the window. There is a link to permanently block that member on the Private Chat window. Your profile settings page has a link to display those whom you have blocked and those who have blocked you. You can remove your blocks on that page.

You could probably expect some errors and outages in the near future since the software is new. We are closely monitoring the chat server for this situation and will immediately address the situation.
Article expires: 2021-04-2312919

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