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Kink.PersonalMale Newsletter

Thank you for your patience during our move!

The past week has been a nightmare for Todd and I. We are very sorry for the amount of down time for our servers. We moved the servers to a new location and as new locations tend to be a challenge. We never could have imagined this would be so difficult and problem ridden. No excuses but we ended up with a lot to overcome. We hope to never move the servers again.

That said we are adding time for supporting members and giving time to all other members to thank you for your patience. Today supporting members will each receive 10 days added to their existing time and all other members will receive 5 days of supporting member status.

Todd and I remain completely devoted to keeping personals serving our community. This is our passion and this a labor of love for both of us.

We always strive for excellence and are disappointed when we fall short.

Again, our apologies.

Bill & Todd
Article expires: 2021-06-0412920

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