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Sports Gear, Spandex and Boots
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Blitzkrieg Male 44 Gay Shoes/Boots Buddy
Hard/muscular/smooth with clean-cut look and great smile. The Billy Doll hasn't a chance with me in versatility. I'm into everything clean-cut up through to uniforms, leather, spandex/lycra and intense roleplay with hot, sweaty and safe sex, including lots of wrestling and endurance involved. Boots and socks are the boiling point. Into a wide range of fit guys here - typically like very good-looking, clean-cut guys, and equally love hard action with bikers, skinheads, military and leather guys that fit this bill. If you look like you stepped out of a 1940s or 1950s film, this brings you to the front of the queue! I have lots of hobbies - so many, in fact, that most people can't keep up, especially me. I've worked and attended university in the US and UK and have traveled around the world, so like guys from all different backgrounds, as long as they're down to earth, have experienced and genuinely seen a lot of the world/people, and take good care of themselves. As for substance, I'm also looking to meet new people who have interests in traveling, world history, exploring cultures and different peoples, antiques, all history, 80s UK/US pop, and anything dating between. Look forward to hearing from you.
San Francisco California

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