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DesertPerv Male 70 Bisexual
I am a 69 yo dirty old man seeking men(maybe women) younger than myself from about 30 to 75 yo. I am a submissive bottom. I am looking for aggressive hairy men who can be verbally Dom. I take orders. I am looking for a guy that's pnp friendly--I blow clouds on a guy's dick and a woman's pussy. I like to kiss, touch all over, suck AND LOVE to smell and lick a man's sweaty, musky butt hole (NOT INTO SCAT). I will play with W/S with men only. Also I can bind my balls so you can keep control of me. Men can have me one on one or bring 2 or 3 of your buds to share me with. I'd be your whore. If you're a woman reading this--discretion assured. Party favors would be provided for. It could be one on one or you, me and one of my buddies for a 3-way.

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