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Bicurious cock virgin with a kinky streak!
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Juiceejaxxx Male 27 Bisexual Sex with no commitment
26 year old straight lad looking to discover the hedonistic pleasures of the other side. Shy, introverted, nerd with a big bubble butt and erratic cravings for cock. Versatile and open to experimentation, but also nervous about dipping my toe in the sea of dicks. Please feel free to message me and tell me what you're about; what do you like? What are you looking for? And what can you offer? I'm also interested to hear about your personal experiences, conquests and exploits. I'm open to play with guys, girls and anyone in between. I think I'd be submissive with those older than me, and dominant with those younger, but it really depends on what is intended if we meet. That said, they would have to be safe, sane and free of any STDs. I want to spread my chunky cheeks over someones face and grind whilst they eat my hole. I want to play with a group. I want to have my ass filled, and I want to savour a tasty cock. I want my cock worshipped (who doesn't?!) I want to be tied down, blindfolded and teased and edged till I'm begging for release, and I want to do that to others as well.
Bristol United Kingdom

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