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I'm a pretty open, fun loving,
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Naykednla Male 52 Gay Twink Boy
I'm a pretty open, fun loving, humorous fellow, curious, adventuresome and and eager. I love to write so I spend a good deal of time at it. When I'm not staring at that infernal blank page -- and even a few infernally full ones -- I'm reading, chatting, video-gaming, zipping along with the top down or taking a walk on the beach (especially nude ones.) Overall, I'm a bit of a geek, but one who can actually carry a conversation. Love having friends over for coffee, dinner, conversation, or some video games -- preferably naked. Looking for friends, dates, romance, True Love(TM) or failing that, fuck buddies. I've played at everything from mild to wild and as long as it's fairly safe I'm pretty open. My type of person tends to bounce physically between twinks skinny dipping in the pool to raging ruggers [rugby players] running and racing about. Red hair is always a good conversation starter. So is the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Los Angeles California

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