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Real PIG - loves piggy sex
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PumperTO (Jim) GWM, 66 (ouch… how did this happen?), 5’11”, 198#, football player build, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, 6-1/4”, cut, THICK, mushroom head, large shaved balls, very versatile - into LOTS from vanilla to kink. Professional guy – clean and very discrete. HIV negative I do love pumping up huge, then putting on a couple of cock straps and going out in public with HUGE basket, and watch the guys trying NOT to look at my crotch :) after I pump 2-3 hours, I get cock almost 8'long x 7'round, balls over 16:'round, nips 1-1/2' I love using my cockpump tubes for enlarging. Now have 6 tubes and I've been pumping on/off over 15 yrs now. Just one of my favourite toys and fetishes (oh, so many!)
Mississauga Ontario

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