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Seeking friends into footwear and erotic fun
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RichardT66 Male 55 Gay Shoes/Boots Buddy
Enjoy most kind of socks and shoes..from dress socks, OTC, TNT, garters to loafer socks, no-show socks. Dress leather shoes, boots, loafers, sport trainers, chucks, vans etc...Into sports big time. Into erotic fun as well, nipple play, long deep kissing, hugging, foreplay, tickling, frottage A and so on. Age is irrelevant, however prefer men btw 40-75 an A . Likes men from corporate, sporty, hobo chic to leather men. Also into teasing, edging ,tickling. I am pretty easy going and down to earth in term of suggestions. No into pain or anything extreme. Just pure sensual fun.
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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