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You got a big fat thick mansized cock for me to worship Mister??
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Slutboy8bi6 Male 50 Gay Scents
Absolutely phenomenal oral for endowed dudes, mansized studs and proud monster cock owners. I can go for hours appreciating a masculine dude and his big fat cock. Inhaling slow but deep, sniffing around for natural aromas, licking n kissing as I start to lick the full length, darting my slick tongue around until a gentle suction of enough warm breath to inhale its massive head into my eagerly anticipating mouth.. i suck, my lips are firm then supple as my throat invites all you prize as male to be swallowled... as my lips firmly press against your pubes and i gently gulp so my Adam’s apple rides your shaft... 1 min... then another and its up for air; and I continue No rush, no reciprocal attention back
Vancouver British Columbia

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