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Submissive sometimes masochistic gear lover
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Timatl Male 43 Bisexual Dungeon Master
Open to try nearly anything. I like the suspense of not having control of what is happening and going where I am taken in the moment. Sub expanding limits and experience where I can. Need to be dominated mostly. Gear always makes it more fun and so does creativity. Bondage is exciting, being touched, pulled, restrained, hooded, gagged, controlled, helpless, vulnerable, and more. Really like sports gear of all kinds. Sensory deprivation and restricted movements, straight jacket, restraints, CBT (crush, punch, kick, etc), electro, etc. Want to try reversing roles sometime and see how I do with someone younger. Travel occasionally, hotel rooms are possible. Not good at starting conversations - please let me know if you have any interest :)
Johns Creek Georgia

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