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It is when we embrace in the nude that we truly feel a bond with other men, but we must first conquer the our fear of our desires before we can allow them to flourish and thus reach the full potential of our maleness. Often, one of the best moments that occurs when you have sex with another man is when you come face to face with his penis. That’s because you know that though his penis may be a different size, shape or color from yours, it is fundamentally the same. You know he feels the same pleasure as you, and you know instinctively how to make him feel good because you know what makes you feel good, and vice versa. This is why male love is the deepest, most satisfying form of love a man can ever feel. Only a man truly understands a man’s needs and feelings, and only a man can truly satisfy them. the ability to enjoy another man’s cock; to enjoy taking it into your mouth and stroking it with your hand; to enjoy knowing the pleasure you give him because it is identical to the pleasure you feel when he does the same for you; to enjoy the intimate bond of brotherhood that is created between you - this capability is inherent in all men. pulling out your cock and letting another man feel it and possibly pleasure it with his hands and mouth should be as simple as a handshake. As men, we are naturally curious about other men’s penises, and we should allow ourselves to satisfy this curiosity, not attempt to ignore or suppress it. Two men, locked in a passionate embrace with their cocks in each other’s mouths is one of the most beautiful images I can think of. This is the ultimate act of friendship - an act of pure, perfectly equal intimacy between two people who understand each other’s needs in a way that cannot be overstressed. the fundamental rights of men, which should never be violated: 1) The right to our foreskins, but not be ashamed if we don't have any 2) The right to our body hair 3) The right to be naked together, without shame 4) The right to use sex for the purpose of male bonding and as a normal, everyday expression of affection 5) The right to not be pressured to having anal sex It’s through our penises that we bond and truly know each other. This was taken from The Brotherhood of man page. It truly conveys what I'm about.
Las Vegas Nevada

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