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My naked body is bound just
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hiro Male 43 Bisexual Bondage Master
My naked body is bound just like a show, and I would like to be blamed, being looked at by the spectator. Since it is excited more, even if I am insulted before I have many spectators, I am so OK that it is shameful. I need to photograph in a photograph my naked body bound erotically. I also like that my pubic hair can be shaved, or my naked body can be hung by reverse, can cover hot wax over sexual organs, or a naked body scribbles. Although it is my delusion, supposing I participate and lose the game of wrestling, while I am seen by the crowd of spectators on a ring, I must be removed by stark nakedness as a loser's punishment. And my naked body should be restrained to be unable to hide signs that my sexual organs rise up, and my pubic hair should be shaved, and please take the photograph of the moment my milk blows off, by a spectator. If it can meet with the direction which fulfills such my shameful wish, or the direction to help, I will follow a command obediently from you.
Tðkyð Japan

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