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Hi there. I've decided to consider this site a virtual sidewalk. Thanks in advance for strolling by...I’ve always found that to know what someone likes to do is nice, learn what they love to do is better, and discover why they love to do it is a gift. Of course, not all in one conversation! But posting on this auction site makes me want to open my heart for a special man to come in. I have an open mind, an open heart, and my glass is 4,5ths full! Full of family, friends, fun, and fulfilling work. The last fifth has eluded me so far- someone to share the journey. I live a balanced, purpose-driven life with a healthy dose of fun mixed in and would like to spend quality time getting to know someone with an eye to the long-term. I’m active, affectionate, classy, kind and curious by nature- all qualities that came in handy .I prefer listening to others and writing about them- so since I’m new to this online dating scene and new to the site , more of me would be known soon. A true gentle, strong gentle man with high standards, values, honesty, loyalty, warm, loving, dedicated, secure emotionally financially with a great sense of humor who loves life. As I am the same. Who is ready to give his fellow man attention and care and who is ready to make him feel like a real man after work and during the weekends and more of his off day at work. , Go places and go for vacations. I love a man who is romantic and ready to try new things with his lover and a man who wants to me loved like he
Houston Texas

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