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Hi! I'm fem with an average build except for my thick legs, thighs, and phat ass. I love wearing pantyhose and sucking dick. I started going to the theater sections of local adult bookstores when I was old enough to get in. Initially, I went with a couple of my friends and just watched movies. Later, I would let guys play with me and eventually I would suck guys off through glory holes. One night I was in a video booth flipping through channels in the back of a local bookstore wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose and a button-up pink shirt tied off at the bottom. After about a minute I heard tapping at the door of my booth. I cracked the door open, and there stood an older white man who indicated that he wished to join me in my video booth. I had no time to put my pants back on before he entered; so I quickly realize that I'm standing in front of an adult man and wearing black pantyhose and a button-up pink shirt. The old man quickly moved in on me and began to squeeze and grope my pantyhose-encased butt while tongue-kissing me. My knees were melting beneath me as I moaned. We made out that way for a short time until the old man realized I was not resisting him at all, at which time he pushed me down to my knees and made me suck his dick. My friend that accompanied me to the bookstore later admitted the he was watching me while I made out with the old man through one of the video booth's glory holes! I was so embarrassed! He told me that seeing me bobbing up and down on a guy's dick, watching me submit to the old man and letting him work his fingers in and out of my phat pantyhosed butt made him hard. I love being watched by boys in the theater and I get weak-kneed when I feel a stranger's hands on my body; especially when he's rubbing my pantyhose-encased butt, thighs, or legs as I give him and/or his friends some head. I like it when people see me wearing pantyhose or tights moaning and bobbing up and down on someone's big dick. I bitch out for older and younger boys alike and I do enjoy being spanked. For some reason most boys love talking very dirty to me, they love grabbing the back of my neck, and most get off watching me squirm while they're forcing their tongues/cocks down my throat. I like kissing too, and love letting boys slide their fingers in and out of my pantyhose-encased butt while we're making out. One night a young black kid stood me up facing the wall holding one hand on my neck and using the other hand to finger fuck me through a hole in my black body stocking. He talked dirty to me the whole time. He called me 'bitch', 'faggot', 'sissy', and said, 'what kind of boy are you, you ain't no boy' as I moaned. Standing with my arms hanging helplessly at my side and in a daze, all I could do was submit to his unrelenting domination and moan like a sissy. When he finished I dropped to my knees and sucked and swallowed his cum until he slid his dick out of my mouth. Oh my God, I couldn't believe I got owned by an 18 year old boy!
Charleston West Virginia
Nitro West Virginia
St. Albans West Virginia

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