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This is not a typical sex ad, but read to the end for some hot ideas. I am an amateur masseur and can do full-body and/or erotic massage. I am a passionate and talented bottom. I don't do drugs and I don't smoke. I only engage in safe sex. I tend to be attracted to Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic guys but I don't have a list of physical criteria. Age can be older or younger. Since I am a non-smoker, I prefer being with a non- smoker. I have my own sexual boundaries and preferences but I do not make judgments about other persons' likes, desires, fantasies, fetishes and needs. The following have never fit into my concept of sex or making love: water-sports, pain, humiliation, bondage or drugs. Name: David Location: Long Beach, CA Status: Gay, retired male; never married; no children; had a 38 year loving relationship with one man; unfortunately he passed away of heart failure in 2009. Stats: 5'4', 150, age 75 (truthful but not obvious), Caucasian, hazel eyes, clean-shaven, reddish brown hair (no balding), average body hair (light colored) Cock: 5 1/2', mushroom head cock, naturally semi-cut at birth, reddish pubic hair. Piercings: none Tattoos: none Orientation: 100% Gay (open, not closeted but can be discrete) Work: Happily retired Gym: I'm not a body builder but I work out at the 24 Hour Fitness gym. I also do yoga and meditation. Education: Masters Degree in Linguistics and Foreign Languages; various additional credentials and certificates. Personality: easy-going, truthful, well-educated/intelligent, emotionally and financially stable, responsible, well adjusted, very positive attitude, quite happy, easy to get along with, caring, horny, intensively affectionate, passionate, sensual, sense of humor. HIV Status: HIV Positive (controlled and undetectable); extremely healthy and energetic. Special Talents: I am an amateur masseur and can do full- body and/or erotic massage. I have my own portable massage table. I speak English, Spanish and French. Other: non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs I am looking forward to your reply. I hope that you will tell me about yourself and attach a photo (a face photo is fine; nudity is hot, but not required.) Please include at least a first name, your email address and/or phone. I encourage you to clearly describe your sexual needs. Although I have my own personal boundaries, I try to please and don't make judgments about other guy's sexual interests. You should be HIV positive or poz friendly. You can view my photo on this site under 'Long Beach, CA: Affectionate Bottom.' For practical reasons, please reply only if you live in my local area (Long Beach, Los Angeles County or Orange County). Although I have tended to be more vanilla (anal and oral sex) in my past relationship, I do have some unrealized fantasies as well as some regular sexual activities. I’ll leave it up to you whether you consider any of them to be kinky. Please consider the list below as a menu of possibilities rather than requirements. I’m sure that I have not exhausted all possibilities so feel free to suggest. Bukkake: I would enjoy having two or many more guys shoot their hot, creamy loads on my body (not face). You could even use the cum to give me a massage or use the cum to jack me off. Alternately, it would be fun to have one or more guys lick me clean. Edging: This is where you repeatedly bring me almost to climax and then back off. I am not looking for a bondage scene, but will follow verbal instructions to keep my hand off my cock. I understand that with edging the ultimate climax is amazingly powerful. Safe-sex Gang Bang: As long as each man wears a condom, I would like to get fucked by as many men as possible. If desired, the gang-bang could be interspersed with rimming my ass, fingering my tight hole, and probing me with toys (such as dildos, vibrators, anal beads). Milking: This is where you make me cum again and again until I can’t shoot another drop. Fucking Machine: I have seen photos and videos of guys getting probed with a fucking machine. It looked really hot. Unfortunately, I’ve never known anyone who owned such a machine. Fuck Sandwich: I would enjoy being the middle guy in a fuck sandwich with one guy fucking me as I fucked another. This, of course, would be with condoms for safe sex. Foot Fetish: Over the years, I’ve been with several guys who had a foot fetish. They loved to lick my feet and suck my toes. In some porn videos, I’ve seen similar foot scenes and in some cases the guy liked to shoot his hot cream load on the other guy’s feet. Topping: 99% of the time I prefer to be a bottom. However, there are certain types of guys than turn me on and make me want to fuck them. My ideal type is young, slim, smooth and small stature. Slings: Several years ago, I got involved in a fisting club and got fisted shallowly several times. I discovered that I enjoyed having a guy play with my ass or fucking me in a sling. There is something about the comfort and angle of the sling that makes the experience really erotic. Dildos: I purchased two new vibrating dildos from to replace an old dildo. One of the new dildos was described as a medium size and the other was larger. Upon delivery, I was surprised that even the medium sized dildo was larger than my old dildo. I haven’t used it yet and would need a top to work it in very slowly with plenty of lube. I’m sure that my ass would eventually open up to accommodate the size. My old dildo had a speed control. The new dildos not only change speed but also have different types of vibration. I have a strong feeling that these new dildos will sexually put me in orbit! Getting Fucked: Tops often comment that I have a tight ass that is perfect for fucking. When the top cums, I like to squeeze my ass to milk out every drop. Some tops have mentioned that they had never experienced this before. As far as positions, I enjoy the variations. Oral Sex: I like getting sucked off and giving a blow job. The 69 position can be fun and it is really hot when both guys cum at the same time. Rimming: You are welcome to rim me for as long as you like. Stick that tongue really deep inside my super clean ass. Porno: Looking at Gay porn photos and watching Gay porn video can be great ways to get in the mood. Sometimes, the porn even provides creative and erotic ideas. Leather: I don’t consider myself a leather guy, but I do have a pair of black leather pants and vest. I also have a black leather jock strap with zipper in the front. Location for Sex: I am not into T-room or public sex. However, that doesn’t mean that all sexual activity must occur in the bedroom. Sex in the shower is fun. A private steam room, sauna or whirlpool would be hot. For a romantic scene, I’ve always fantasized about making out and having sex on a carpet in front of the fireplace. Alternately, we might get intimate watching a Gay movie or Gay porn video. Romantic Atmosphere: When I really connect with someone who is affectionate, I love lots of foreplay (kissing, cuddling, hugging, touching, massaging, licking, etc. Soft music, and aromatic candles can add to the love-making. Food: I am aware that some guys used food items to enhance their sexual activities. Off the top of my head, I wonder if you’d like spreading some chocolate syrup on my cock or ass and licking it off. Whipped cream is another possibility. Massage Exchange: Totally nude massage can arouse. Although I am technically an amateur, I have many years experience. I even took a class in erotic massage and know 23 ways to massage the penis. If you are not experienced, don’t worry. I’ll be glad to teach you. Photography: I would like to find someone to take a few face shots and nude shots for my profile. I'd be glad to take some of you as well.
Long Beach California

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