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poly kinky sub for doms and switches
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wolfSub Male 33 Gay Abduction Play
Someone (chemistry permitted) I can count on to have their way with me, or vice versa without question, and including some of my other interests... cbt (mild ballbusting) clothed sex, frottage, wrestling/facesitting, underwear, sleep/forced play, among other things... I'm always thinking about it and there is no such thing as being too forward with me, tact permitted; I'm pretty uninhibited once you get me there. Friendly, light-hearted, a dreamer and a thinker, typically nervous, inwardly confident, perverted furry sums me up. Probably. Maybe. But it doesn't highlight the extent of my sexuality. I am accepting and or at least tolerant of many, many, many things/people; The best way for me to make friends. Though I'm not very verbal or domineering/assertive, I enjoy spur of the moment affairs. I'm submissive, a non-oral top/switch, so getting right to things (when I'm not in the mood for toying around) sometimes is nice; Though that is the extent of whatever dominant thoughts I have~
Minneapolis Minnesota

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