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Revision History

2002-12-14Installed first primitive version of personals without database
2003-03-01Rewrote existing primitive personals for SQL database
2003-08-18Added activity table
2004-02-29Added history table
2004-04-03multi-picture ability
2004-06-08demographic (by state-country) search
2004-06-12invitations to personals sites in admin
2004-06-14saved searches
2004-06-23demographic search link under country-state name
2004-06-23personal ad headline
2004-06-24ad URL notice in email and on verification page
2004-06-24most popular profile search added
2004-07-01all systems newsletter poster
2004-07-01min. character count for descriptions is 100
2004-07-19FLIRT feature added
2004-08-01Add disabled field that contains reason and status date
2004-08-09Add Automatch
2004-08-11Add character count javascript in description, 100 character minimum
2004-08-13Add notice about scanning of photos
2004-08-24Add scam email detection
2004-08-24Add sayings to all dynamic pages
2004-08-26Added phpBB and Jpilot Java Chat to personals
2004-08-26Added checking email address from banned table on signup
2004-08-26Added profile deletion to scam detection
2004-08-28Removed automatic notifications for all AOL emails and added AOL trouble notice
2004-08-29Added daily birthday notices
2004-09-08Added pic count in search results
2004-09-10Change to strict email limiting because of AOL interference
2004-09-11Escape quotes in descriptions
2004-09-15Added online Newsletter retrieval
2004-09-16Moved top-10 notification back to weekly, added pic checkbox to 3 more searches
2004-10-08Made replies to emails free
2004-10-15Added original message to replies
2004-10-15Added no-email flag
2004-10-18Begin adding menwhoplay.com
2004-10-20Newsletter now opens in current window, remodeled
2004-10-21Approval now required for profiles to appear in search results
2004-10-21Added 'not interested' checkbox to replies
2004-10-26Made URL field invisible to users not logged in
2004-10-26Finished chat popup with thumbnails
2004-11-01Add CGI home page with thumbnails
2004-11-03Limit no. of profiles to 3 by checking email address
2004-11-04Added jump to page buttons in gallery
2004-11-05Added thumbnail message view
2004-11-12Add profile statistics
2004-11-17Added delete checkbox in message index view
2004-11-18Added yearly hit count for home page
2004-11-20Save attachments to messages and show them in message view
2004-11-22Added enable defeat when user has enabled more than 6 times
2004-12-04Make popup thumbnails for pay members only
2004-12-05Added option to force user to get messages online
2004-12-07Added subject field to messages
2004-12-08Added forwarding to email address from message view
2004-12-16Added search for viewers of user's profile
2004-12-22Added link to eliminate all email on profile edit page
2004-12-27Added anchor on message index page for latest unread message
2004-12-31Delete unused redundant profiles
2005-01-13Added private galleries
2005-01-21Added email activation
2005-01-25Added instant messaging
2005-01-26Added online thumbnail to popup status window
2005-01-31Added instant message polling from every page
2005-02-19Added hottest new profiles search and weekly notification
2005-02-20Added unified help page and help database
2005-02-28Added watermarks to screen-size pics
2005-03-07Made valid US city-state required
2005-03-13Integrated phpbb username-password
2005-03-30Rework group posting
2005-03-31Signup is now a 3 o 4-step process to select country-state-city
2005-04-01Show bounces only since last login rather than last 60 days
2005-04-06Show unread and deleted messages on the message index page
2005-04-14Added rotating featured thumbnail to GearPlay banner
2005-04-15Modified reply logic to allow anyone to reply to a flirt from a premium member
2005-04-18Added Premium Member benefits page
2005-04-19Added display favorites search
2005-04-21Added "you've got mail!" to Online Now page
2005-04-21Added Yahoo Messenger link on profile
2005-04-23Added RSS feed for new profiles
2005-04-27Added "Pending Approval" image for profiles
2005-05-12Added Zodiac signs to profiles
2005-05-13Added favorites count to profile display
2005-05-16Changed contact links to contact buttons on profile page
2005-05-25Placed all profile options on one page for user editing
2005-06-24Added meter
2005-07-08Added sound to login "you have mail"
2005-07-11Added promo codes to pay sites
2005-07-19Added promo code entry for existing profiles
2005-07-20AOL and other domains with a USELESS service rating are now rejected for signups.
2005-07-25Added auto-renew setting for profiles
2005-07-26Changed gallery ordering to last login time
2005-07-28Added Abuse Reporting
2005-08-06Added IP to locale lookup
2005-08-25Added pagination in online now popup
2005-08-27Added bad domain warning on all trouble reports
2005-08-30Added blocking
2005-08-30Changed ad insertion in profile viewing to use the banner table
2005-09-08Changed scam parsing to scoring method
2005-09-13Added multi-region search and search-save
2005-09-28Move common scripts to -home-common-proj-bin-personals
2005-11-07Added send-receive message count to profile page
2005-11-08Added scam country notice
2005-11-13Added city and country to gallery, added sortby field to gallery
2005-11-25Move delete main photo function to Update Profile page
2005-12-06Added 'safesex' and 'kink' to users table, KINK_FIELDS to match.conf
2005-12-09Added Restricted Galleries
2005-12-12Added watchwords scan of messages
2005-12-16Added Introduction Messages
2005-12-19Add alerts to activity log
2005-12-30Trap for multiple pulls of profile, no update to viewcount
2006-01-04Added alerts for over 10 messages per day sent
2006-01-09Added abuse policy
2006-01-16Added duplicate message checking
2006-01-23Added ip block check for signup forms
2006-01-31Added block button to message view page
2006-02-07Added primary interest search
2006-02-09Added user-ordered message history summary
2006-02-16Added admin triggered watches to profiles
2006-02-20Added desktop monitor
2006-03-05Added "other profiles" display on profile edit page
2006-03-21Photos now stored under unique names, different data structure passed to search results
2006-03-24Add thumbnails to instant messages
2006-03-27Added Restricted Gallery upload on message send page
2006-03-29Added URL catcher to newsletter displaying page
2006-03-30Added java text chat
2006-03-31Changed online now window to show only thumbs
2006-04-03Added chat search for profiles
2006-04-03Put valid from email address in email with reply-to bounce
2006-05-10Changed weight to integer
2006-05-18Add built-in language description lanaguage translator
2006-05-20Check updated fields before un-approving a profile
2006-07-24Add "seeking" and "physique" fields in users table
2006-07-27Add auxiliary filter word file in addition to global filter word file
2006-08-22Add free message capability, implement value = 2 for findgaydad
2006-08-29Added approvals table to store unapproved profiles and added photodate to mark unapproved photos
2006-08-31Added notes to profiles
2006-09-06Use CSS for fonts
2006-09-07Save user's edits to profile before edit checking so that they loose no edits
2006-09-13Added finished flag to profiles to indicate all required fields are validated
2006-10-03Disallow email usernames in personals usernames
2006-10-15Added moderators and bans
2006-10-30Added voting
2006-11-16Added the voting search
2006-12-05Add spellcheck to description
2006-12-07Added URL referring to profile page as REFER event
2007-01-04Enforce the 20 photo limit. Add "grant bonus" to personals admin.
2007-01-11Added "back to message" button in profile view
2007-01-17Added verified field to users and approvals tables
2007-01-22Added interest statistic on profiles
2007-01-22Added MINI and MAXI modes to monitor window
2007-01-31Change free message capability for findgaydad from 2 to 1
2007-01-31Fixed javascript blank parent window by putting window.open inside void(window.open)
2007-02-08Added IP blocks to login
2007-02-12Make case significant in passwords, and rewrite username.pl to check password for proper complexity
2007-02-20Changed DSP rates: 6.95->4.95, 14.95->11.95, 39.95->35.95
2007-02-20Add media uploads
2007-02-23Add event calendar
2007-03-12Add Age Spread search
2007-03-23Added saved search display to profiles
2007-03-23Eliminated activity display on home page
2007-03-24Changed method for displaying "latest" on home page to random picks of last 24 hours
2007-03-25Changed online now count calculation to 1-10 of last 2 hours
2007-03-29Added city, country, age flyouts to thumbnails
2007-04-08Added favorites login notification
2007-04-18Added post message to all moderators from admin
2007-04-23Added top-bottom pulldown to most personals
2007-05-01Send a message with login warnings
2007-05-28Added event proximity notification
2007-07-06Deleted photos now moved to DELETED gallery
2007-07-22No-profile users can now only view 10 profiles
2007-07-30Defeat popup warnings added welcome page
2007-09-06Massive revision in production, button rollovers, frames
2007-10-23Added age matching to user table, search.cgi, quicksearch.cgi
2007-11-01Changes max. photos from 20 to 60
2007-11-21Premium no longer come up first in search results
2007-11-28Added "Your News"
2007-12-19Invite to Chat no longer restricted to Supporting Members
2008-01-26Added "Whose profile have you looked at?" search
2008-01-30Added 30-day update nag email
2008-02-11Added private flag to profile
2008-02-14Added help keyword search
2008-02-21Nopopup flag now disables instant notifications
2008-02-29Added sort in message history
2008-03-06Added global canned messages
2008-03-17Added quicksearch to online now and chatting now windows
2008-03-25Added dialog display of messages
2008-04-15Added latest photo search
2008-04-25Added holiday notification and audio announcements
2008-04-30Added display of favorites online upon login
2008-05-05Add reciprocal blocks and 1-day requirement for photos
2008-05-13Added email dialog viewing
2008-05-21Add assocate accessid to profile
2008-05-27Add online favorites search
2008-05-27Add cam chat
2008-06-21Switch permanently to AVchat, turn Realchat off
2008-06-25Added chat settings table to personals
2008-07-01Added frames detector for several pages normally linked from the outside world
2008-07-09Added automatic skip set for 3 approvals in 5 days. Add verifier to profile options display.
2008-07-21Added defeat Age Matching searches for Premium Members
2008-08-14Added multiple verifications
2008-08-29Let users make their profiles invisible
2008-09-09Move admin scripts to a protected directory
2008-09-22Encrypt username cookie
2008-10-07Add time to instant messages
2009-03-17Put combined personals architecture into production.
2009-03-30Added time limit for non-supporting members in chat
2009-04-04Added trap for multiple logins
2009-04-22Added Hotlist
2009-11-13Added Emeets
2010-01-25Added message filtering
2010-02-02Gary ordered cease of message filtering
2010-02-17Limt flirts-icebreakers to 2
2010-02-18Add calendar to emeets and events
2010-02-26Separate messages into unread, saved, sent
2010-03-27Eliminate popup login warning and add clickable link for receiving instant messages
2010-04-07Emeets cannot be scored after 7 days old
2010-05-20Added upload progress bar
2010-10-01Added member comments to polls
2010-10-06Add MegaSearch
2010-10-11Added suggestion box for new search terms
2010-10-12Added profile photo slideshow buttons
2010-10-20Add languages spoken to profiles
2010-10-26Added surveys to be attached to profiles
2010-10-30Added recall to MegaSearch
2011-01-10Disabled malware checking, added warning about MSIE 9.0 beta
2011-03-01Display daily automatches on welcome page
2011-03-19Match city-state-country with sanitized strings from u2a.
2011-03-19Store realcity and realcountry in UTF-8.
2011-03-19Email WINDOWS-1252
2011-03-19New fields in distance and locale tables
2011-03-21Messages between members now show their common site instead of SITE_ID
2011-04-20Hall of Shamers now come up in searches but are treated as deleted profiles
2011-05-03External profile links no longer use popups
2011-05-23Promo codes now good for all partner sites
2011-06-02Added Google map link to profiles
2011-06-06Added most photos search
2011-07-17Add daily view profile report
2011-07-26Take password change off profile edit and give it its own page
2011-08-02Added stories
2011-08-23Added printer-friendly for message display
2011-10-05Added notifications queue displayed in top frame and removed notifications from instant messaging
2011-10-31Eliminate resource, was abused
2011-11-17Stop reporting individual bounces to personals inbox
2011-12-13Add city selection to quicksearch
2012-03-19Add member links
2012-04-23Add search for proximity to arbitrary city
2012-08-14Changed language translater from Babel Fish to Wordlingo
2012-10-01Added password suggestion
2012-10-04Limit locales to 3
2012-10-08Allow more than 3 locales for premium members
2012-10-08Removed capability to disable popups, added capability to disable alerts
2012-11-01Added country flags
2012-12-03Add QR scan image to contact cards
2012-12-06Found and fixed bug allowing unlimited replies by basic member to flirts
2013-01-08Unify email return addresses
2013-01-23Add skull icon to search results for Hall of Shame members
2013-01-25Make blocking available to basic members
2013-02-11Changed order flat file format to delimit items
2013-02-24Eliminated minimum description in Globalfight Personals per Gary's command
2013-06-04Added p3p policy to all sites
2013-06-19Notification to members of unread mail batched 6 times a day
2013-07-30Add revision history to Help and Information
2013-08-08Made last login date/time equal to last online
2013-08-19Eliminate all Webring links for their alarming warning popup
2013-09-14Started work on the Mobile Interface
2013-09-19Changed 'Favorites' to 'Buddies'
2013-09-20Added blogging (voice)
2013-10-14Changed received message notice from every 4 hours to once per day
2013-10-24Automatically grant Premium Membership on member's birthday
2013-10-31Added most recent unread admin message to Welcome Page for members with unreliable email providers
2013-11-26Scammers no longer appear in any gallery or search except the Hall of Shame
2014-03-21Weak encryption of the login cookie was changed to a much stronger keyed encryption
2014-04-04Massive purge of dead and spam links
2014-04-07Added third line of defense against hackers probing the site
2014-08-01Add anniversary notices
2015-01-07Add progress bar upload to photos
2015-01-19Add Gary's multimedia promotional thumbnails to profiles, gallery, and message windows
2015-01-21Add low resolution warnings to photo upload
2015-01-26Added email search results from MegaSearch results pages
2015-02-04Add profile quality rating, maximum 100
2015-02-06Everyone granted 2 day supporting membership on their signup anniversary
2015-03-25Added adult disclaimer to index page
2015-08-18Updated AVchat 2.2 to AVchat 3.0
2015-09-15Supporting members subscribing for at least 12 months are automatically featured
2015-11-21Eliminated posting to Usenet News and Yahoo, MSN groups
2015-11-27Eliminate warnings about unreliable email providers
2015-12-07Poster of an event can now delete any attendee
2016-04-05Add Tip-O-Day to members Welcome Page
2016-04-25Add review/delete saved searches
2016-04-25Released new order form
2016-05-26Message retention was 6 months, is now 30 days
2016-06-05Keep supporting members' messages for 90 days
2016-06-13Give 5 days grace on message expiration to lapsing supporting members
2016-08-01Added mini video clip to home age
2016-08-17Encoded all videos to play with HTML5 and added video player interface
2016-08-29Added HTML formatted notifications and user ability to choose between text and html
2016-08-31Added member media files review
2016-09-12Set message expiration for supporting members to 1 year
2016-09-13Disabled chat time limit for non-supporting members per Gary's order
2016-10-04On pay sites, paying member message retention is now 1 year, others are 30 days
2016-10-12Completed gallery manager
2016-11-12Members must now post a photo before they can send messages, flirts, or icebreakers
2016-12-20The who's chatting and who's online displays were remodeled to eliminate pagination
2016-12-20Added per member timezone
2017-01-17Added smileys to messages
2017-02-04Latest and Newest Members display now show most recently updated profiles
2017-02-27Personals version 4 placed into production
2017-03-21Provide secure login
2017-04-27Implemented forwarding to URL after login
2017-05-02Implement forwarding from previous revision personals pages to current revision pages
2017-05-12Added support for multiple profiles per email address. Left the option subject to the discretion of the site owner.
2017-05-30Approval no longer required to use the site
2017-08-10Use new password suggesting algorithm that generates more memorable passwords
2017-08-15Member notes are shown automatically on the Contact section of a profile
2017-09-25Emojiis cannot now be in a username
2017-11-11Add Member Media Gallery of all media files
2017-11-20Reply to message now shows message being replied to
2017-12-16Contest winners cannot be voted on again until their win is over 1 month old
2017-12-26Eliminated age matching feature
2018-03-07Add button to request that a member post a video
2018-05-01Flirt has been retired in lieu of Icebreakers
2018-05-14Put Zodiac signs back in by member request
2018-07-08Date of birth and at least one locale now required in addition to a main photo.
2018-07-16"deleted" photos are now kept for 1 year instead of 30 days
2018-07-27Long-standing problem with browsers sending more than one value for a single cookie now fixed
2018-08-05Add new og: fields in page headers
2018-09-08Implemented session timeout set to 30 minutes
2018-09-08Added sitemap to main page
2018-09-21Gary ordered that Globalfight no longer get any free messages
2018-11-01Usernames must now be unique across all personals sites
2018-11-20Added additional per-site descriptions
2019-01-29Supporting members sent as well as received messages are preserved.
2019-02-13Add user download of all messages individually
2019-02-26Anonymous browsing of site no longer supported
2019-02-28Password lookup replaced with password reset to obey best security practices
2019-03-27Unfinished profiles are now unqualified for approval. Unfinised is based on main photo, activation, adequate description, minimum locale
2019-05-26Add testimonials
2019-06-21Eliminate distance search restrictions for non-supporting members
2019-07-16Converted all pages to SSL
2019-10-25Add sort by age to MegaSearch
2020-01-16Window width changed from 800 to 960 pixels
2020-03-14Removed restriction on self-voting
2020-03-17Login page moved from Etotalhost to personals site
2020-03-22Globalfight renamed MenWrestle
2020-04-03On supporting sites, 2 free messages changed to 5 free messages
2020-04-12Notes are now free for all
2020-04-26All new chat
2020-04-28Eliminated session timeout
2020-05-14Eliminate supporting membership restrictions in Media Gallery
2020-08-18Multi-site personals now share all events on the event calendar
2020-09-16Quicksearch on the home page is now a keyword search
2021-10-12Chat count is now updated every 60 seconds on every page
2021-10-28Show next free day on welcome page
2021-12-07MegaSearch now includes top/bottom
2021-12-20Members can be notified multiple times for the same unread message. Prevents sending only one notification.

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